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Consolidated Micronaut Wish List
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Joined: 12 May 2009
Posts: 62
Location: Hong Kong

PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2019 4:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Extending my wish list for 2019 - 2020 releases:

Post-Cold War China destroyer Renhai (Nanchang (南昌), Type 055)-class
Post-Cold War China aircraft carrier (Shandong 山東) Type 001A
Post-Cold War China destroyer Luyang I (Guangzhou (廣州), Type 052B)-class
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Joined: 18 Mar 2015
Posts: 30
Location: Sacramento, CA

PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2019 11:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My new request for Micronauts consists mostly of minor warship types from the late 1920s to the early 1930s.

1. WWII USA heavy cruiser Wichita, 1939-43 appearance
2. WWII Germany torpedo boat Claus von Bevern, 1937-45 appearance
3. WWII Denmark torpedo boat Springeren class, 1929-43 appearance as coastal minesweeper
4. WWII China gunboat Yung Sui
5. WWII Soviet motor torpedo boat G 5 type
6. WWII Denmark torpedo boat Dragen class
7. WWII China gunboat Yat Sen
8. WWII Norway patrol vessel Fridtjof Nansen
9. WWII Greece torpedo boat Aigli class, 1931-41 appearance
10. WWII Yugoslavia light cruiser Dalmacija, 1931-mid 43 appearance
11. WWII China gunboat Ming Sen
12. WWII UK cruiser minelayer Adventure, 1932-41 appearance
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Donald M. Scheef

Joined: 24 Jun 2006
Posts: 1489
Location: Waukegan, Illinois USA

PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2019 3:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just before GHQ’s announcement of their 2019-2020 releases, here are some of the highlights of the Micronaut Wish List as of 2019-05-29. The noted changes are from the 2018-06-18 summary (just after the 2018-2019 schedule announcements).

Total number of items receiving at least one vote: 4111 (up from 3942, due to 169 items added).

Most popular item: WWII era Germany MTB S-100 type Schnellboote (E-boats), with 47 votes. This replaces WWII era France heavy cruiser Duquesne-class, before 1940 (49 votes, announced for production).

By era:

Most popular Napoleonic era product: brass etched ratlines for 1st, 3rd, and 5th rates (9 votes each, unchanged)
Most popular Napoleonic era ship type: UK 44-gun razée Indefatigable (originally 64-gun Ardent class) (6 votes, unchanged)

Most popular Era-of-Steam ship: Greece steam frigate Kateria (6 votes, unchanged)

Most popular ironclad era ship: Confederate States casemate ironclad ram Virginia (ex-USS steam frigate Merrimack) (4 votes, unchanged).

Most popular pre-Dreadnought era ship: Germany battleship Braunschweig class (31 votes, unchanged)

Most popular WWI era ship: UK destroyer “L” class (ex-Laforey class) with 2 funnels (29 votes, unchanged)

Most popular WWII era ship: WWII era Germany MTB S-100 type Schnellboote (E-boats), with 47 votes, unchanged.

Most popular early Cold War era ship: Soviet light cruiser Sverdlov (Project 68 bis) class (35 votes, up from 34 votes).

Most popular late Cold War era item: Soviet missile patrol boat Tarantul (Project 1241.MR)-class (17 votes, up from 16 votes).

Most popular post-Cold War era item: tie between USA naval aircraft and China corvette Type 056 (Jiangdao, Xinyang)-class (18 votes each).

Most popular post-Organian Treaty era ship: tie between UFP star cruiser Constitution (NCC1700) class and Klingon battlecruiser D-7 type (1 vote each, unchanged)

Most-popular item, by nation:

Argentina: late-Cold War era Malvinas/Falklands aircraft (13 votes, unchanged)

Australia: post-Cold War era frigate ANZAC-class (5 votes, unchanged)

Austria-Hungary: WWI era battleship ersatz Monarch (Improved Tegetthoff, battleship VIII)-design (8 votes, unchanged)

Bangladesh: post-Cold War era patrol vessel Shadhinota-class (4 votes, all new)

Belgium: WWII era gunboat Artevelde (1 vote, unchanged)

Brazil: WWI era battleship Minas Gerais-class (8 votes, unchanged)

Bulgaria: WWI era torpedo boat Drski-class (2 votes, unchanged)

Canada: early Cold War era destroyer St. Laurent-class, helicopter modification (8 votes, replacing City (Halifax)-class frigates with 6 votes)

Chile: WWI era battleship Almirante Latorre class (7 votes, unchanged)

China: post-Cold War era corvette Type 056 (Jiangdao, Xinyang)-class (18 votes, up from 17 votes)

Colombia: WWII era destroyer Vouga class (3 votes, up from 2 votes)

Confederate States of America: Ironclad era casemate ironclad ram Virginia (4 votes, unchanged)

Cuba: tie among WWI era gunboat Cuba, WWI gunboat Diez de Octubre, and WWI gunboat Patrice (1 vote each, unchanged)

Czechoslovakia: tie between WWII era river gunboat OMm35 type and WWII era river gunboat President Masaryk (1 vote each, unchanged)

Denmark: WWII era coastal battleship Niels Juel (aka Niels Iuel), 1936 refit (5 votes, unchanged)

Egypt: tie among WWII era motor gunboat Al Sarea, WWII motor gunboat Darfeel type, WWII gunboat El Amir Forouq, WWII motor gunboat Raqib type, and late Cold War guided missile patrol boat Ramadon-class (1 vote each, unchanged)

Eire: tie between WWII era fisheries protection ship Fort Rannoch and WWI era motor torpedo boat M1 type (1 vote each, unchanged)

Estonia: WWII era gunboat Pikkeri (2 votes, unchanged)

Finland: WWII era coast defense ship Väinämoinen-class (8 votes, unchanged)

France: WWII era destroyer Vauquelin-class (24 votes, up from 22 votes).

Germany: WWII era Schnellboote, S-100 type (47 votes, unchanged)

Greece: Era-of-Steam steam frigate Kateria (6 votes, unchanged).

Hungary: tie among WWII era river gunboat Godolo, WWII era river gunboat Kecskemet, and WWII era river gunboat Sopron (1 vote each, unchanged)

Iceland: tie among WWII era fisheries protection ships Aegir, Esja, Odinn, Sudin, and Thor (1 vote each, unchanged)

India: post-Cold War era aircraft carrier Vikramaditya (12 votes, replacing Talwar-class frigate with 10 votes)

Iran (Persia): post-Cold War era miniature submarine Ghadir type (4 votes, unchanged)

Italy: WWII era destroyer Folgore-class (27 votes, up from 24 votes)

Japan: WWII era destroyer Kagero-class, late-war appearance (39 votes, unchanged)

Klingon: post-Organian Treaty battlecruiser D-7 class (1 vote, unchanged)

Korea, People’s Republic of (North): late-Cold War era frigate Najin-class (12 votes, unchanged)

Korea, Republic of (South): post-Cold War era corvette Gimcheon (Pohang Flight III, IV and V)-class (15 votes, unchanged)

Latvia: tie between WWII era minesweeper Imanta class and WWII era submarine Ronis class (1 vote each, unchanged)

Manchukuo: tie among WWII era river gunboats Shun Tien, Tatung, and Ting Pien (one vote each, unchanged)

Mexico: tie between pre-Dreadnaught era gunboat Nicholas Bravo (formerly 1 vote) and WWII era gunboat Durango (2 votes, unchanged)

NATO: late-Cold War era tactical aircraft (12 votes, unchanged)

Netherlands: WWII era destroyer Isaac Sweers (as completed in England with AA armament) (8 votes, unchanged)

Nigeria: post-Cold War patrol craft Centenary-class (4 votes, unchanged)

Norway: WWII era torpedo boat Sleipner-class (7 votes, up from 6 votes)

Panama: WWII era commercial transport El Capitan (3 votes, unchanged)

Paraguay: WWII era river gunboat Paraguay (1 vote, unchanged)

Peru: late Cold War era patrol vessel Velarde (PR-72P)-class (3 votes, replacing WWII era river gunboat Loreta-class and WWII era submarine R1-class, 1 vote each)

Poland: late Cold War era landing ship Ropucha-class (10 votes, unchanged)

Portugal: WWII era destroyer Dao class (3 votes, unchanged)

Romania: WWII era destroyer Mărăşti class (4 votes, unchanged)

Russia/Soviet Union/Russia: early Cold War light cruiser Sverdlov (Project 68 bis)-class (37 votes, up from 34 votes)

Siam/Thailand: tied between WWII era torpedo boat Puket class (3 votes, unchanged) and WWII era patrol boat Ratanakosindra-class (up from 1 vote)

South Africa: post-Cold War era frigate MEKO 200 class (5 votes, unchanged)

Spain: pre-Dreadnought era armored cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa class (7 votes, unchanged)

Sweden: WWII era coastal battleship Sverige-class (1939 reconstruction) (7 votes, unchanged)

Taiwan: post-Cold War corvette Tuo Chiang-class (10 votes, unchanged)

Turkey: WWI era light cruiser Midilii, 1917 rearmament (10 votes, unchanged)

UFP: Post-Organian Treaty star cruiser Constitution (NCC-1700) class (1 vote, unchanged)

UK: WWII era destroyer leaders “A”-“I”-classes (42 votes, up from 41 votes)

Uruguay: tie among WWI era gunboat 18 du Julio, WWI era gunboat Uruguay, and WWII era motor gunboat Paysandu class (1 vote each, unchanged)

USA: WWII era escort aircraft carrier Long Island (CVE 1) (38 votes, unchanged)

Venezuela: post-Cold War corvette Guaiqueri-class (2 votes, unchanged)

Vietnam: post-Cold War frigate Dinh Tien Hoang (HQ-011) class [Russian Gepard 3.9 (Project 1166.1E)] (3 votes, up from 2 votes)

Yugoslavia: WWII era destroyer Dubrovnik (8votes, up from 7 votes)

Most popular item, by type:

Aircraft carrier: WWII USA escort carrier Long Island (CVE 1) (38 votes, unchanged)

Battleship / battlecruiser / armored cruiser: WWII era UK battleship Duke of York, Anson, or Howe (34 votes, up from 32 votes)

Cruiser: WWII era UK heavy cruiser York (36 votes, unchanged)

Destroyer: WWII era UK destroyer leaders “A” through “I”-classes [Codrington, Keith, Assiniboine, Exmouth, Faulkner, Grenville, Hardy, and Inglefield] (42 votes, up from 41 votes)

Escort: WWII era UK frigate Black Swan class (40 votes, unchanged)

Submarine: WWII era Italy 600-ton type (19 votes, up from 18 votes)

Amphibious: WWII era US fast attack transport Charles Lawrence (APD 37) class (32 votes, unchanged)

Auxiliary: WWI era UK seaplane tender Engadine class (26 vote, unchanged)

Small craft: WWII era Germany Schnellboote, S-100 type (47 votes, unchanged)

Aircraft: tie between WWII era Germany aircraft pack 2 (Bf 109, Bf 110, Do 24, Fw 190, Ju 88, He 111, He 115, and/or He 117) and WWII era UK Fleet Air Arm aircraft (Blackburn Skua, Fairey Albacore, Fairey Barracuda, Fairey Firefly, Fairey Fulmar, Gloster Sea Gladiator, Hawker Sea Hurricane) (33 votes each, up from 31 votes each)

Commercial / civilian: WWII era USA civil cargo ship C3-S-A2 type (13 votes, unchanged).

Sailing ships: UK 44-gun razée Indefatigable (originally 64-gun Ardent class) (6 votes, unchanged)

Other: deck decals for HUS4, CVN 71, USS Roosevelt (11 votes, unchanged)

Number of ships receiving only one vote: 1991, up from 1946. 169 types received their first vote since the previous highlights posting. Of these, 124 received at least one more vote during this time.

Don S.
"When a fire starts to burn,
here's a lesson you must learn:
something-something and you'll see
you'll avoid catastrophe."
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Joined: 29 Jul 2010
Posts: 57
Location: Massachusetts, United States

PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My moderns wishlist:


America LHA
Harpers Ferry LPD
Legend National Security Cutter
Future frigate
Future Large Unmanned Surface Vehicles (LUSVs)
Future Medium Unmanned Surface Vehicles (MUSVs)


Type 056 corvette
Type 055 destroyer


Atago destroyer
Maya destroyer
Asahi destroyer
Abukuma destroyer escort


Tarantul corvette (already logged)
Kuznetsov CV
Gepard frigate
Admiral Gorshkov frigate


Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier


Vikramaditya CV
Visakhapatnam DDG
Kolkata DDG
Delhi DDG
Shivalik FFG
Talwar FFG
Kamorta corvette
Kora corvette
Rajput DDG
Brahmaputra FFG
Khukri corvette

South Korea

Dokdo-class amphibious assault ship
Cheon Wang Bong LST
Sejong the Great
Chungmugong Yi Sunshin
Kwanggaeto the Great
Daegu-class frigate
Incheon-class frigate (also used by the Philippine Navy)


Formidable FFG
Victory corvette
Endurance class amphibious transport dock


Canberra LHD
Hobart DDG
Anzac FFG


Mistral LHD
Horizon DDG
Aquitaine DDG


Baden-Württemberg frigate
Sachsen frigate
Braunschweig corvette
Iver Huitfeldt frigate
Absalon Combat support ship, frigate-type
Flyvefisken-class patrol vessel
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