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Club Listings
Location: Santa Rosa CA USA

Contact: Bob Seymour
Phone: (707) 527-5219
Email: seymourburns@netzero.com

Started this year for GHQ games. We have hundreds of models, and use a 10 X 2.5 foot board. Setting is Eastern Front in 1945 so we can use all available types of weapons for both sides, in tanks, and aircraft. Ongoing game so visitors, and new players welcome. No previous gaming experience required, and no Club or game fees. Contact Bob Seymour at seymourburns@netzero.com or call (707) 527-5219. Game played in Larkfield, on northwest edge of Santa Rosa, 60 miles north of San Francisco. Age 12 on up welcome.

DevilDog Gamers
Location: San Diego CA USA

Contact: Rod Smith
Email: rodncin@san.rr.com

WWII Micro Armor and Modern Micro Armor - We meet approx. once or twice per month and play on our indoor 12’ x 6’3” sandtable - No dues or membership fees...just some people having a good time. All experience levels are welcome!!!

Historical Miniature Gaming Society - PSW
Location: Canyon Country CA USA

Contact: Harmon Ward
Phone: 714-778-2582
Email: hjw@pacbell.net

The Historical Miniature Gaming Society - Pacific Southwest is a 501(c) 3 Educational Non-Profit. Our region extends from Arizona, to Southern California and the lower portion of Nevada around Las Vegas. We have dozens of clubs in every corner of that region. We have clubs that use Microarmor and Micronauts.

Miracle Mile Gamers
Location: Los Angeles CA United States

Contact: Sacha Schwarzkopf
Email: sacha.schwarzkopf@gmail.com

WWII Micro Armour Started in 2001 we do WWII European Theater only, until the day we try something else. We use the “Mein Panzer” game system and switch between 1” = 50 yards and 1” = 25 yards scale. We have worked all fronts and cover all years along with some campaigns that stretch over a few battles. The battles are at my place in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles and gather about once every 6 weeks. Our terrain is usually pretty awesome as I like to have stunning battlefield. Bring your beer and pretzels, and plan to stay for the day.

Robert Bowyer
Location: Bakersfield CA USA

Contact: Robert Bowyer
Phone: (661) 378-7236
Email: robertbowyer@att.net

We play 1/285 modern or 1/6000 modern naval on a 10X6 table one to two times a month.

Steel Turtle Gamers
Location: Los Angeles CA United States

Contact: Scott Wallace
Email: shwallace@ca.rr.com

WWII Micro Armour Modern Micro Armour - We meet approx. once per month - No dues or membership fees...just some people having a good time

The Miniatures Wargaming Society of Sacramento
Location: Sacramento CA USA

Contact: Mike O'Brien
Phone: 916 410-4957
Email: M_W_S@yahoogroups.com

The MWS has been in existence since 1986. We charge no due for membership but do expect people to behave in a courteous and sportsmanlike way, at least at the meetings. Our group is open to any types of games but miniatures games tend to dominate. We cover everything from Ancients through Moderns for historical games and in every scale from 1/285 to 28mm. We cover anything you can imagine in the non-historical range from Warhammer to AT43. We also have boardgamers attend meetings and play everything from Euro games to Advanced Squad Leader. Our meeting dates change with the availability of the library we meet at so the best places to find out when we meet is to join our yahoo group or our Facebook Page.

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