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GHQ Paints: Military Scale
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People always ask us how we get such realistic results on our display models. For years we hand mixed the colors that we used to paint all of our display models and those that you see here on our website. Now you can achieve the same results without having to mix your own paints. These paints are all specially formulated for use with GHQ models. They all have been toned down slightly to simulate the water vapor, dust, etc. that is present in the atmosphere when viewing an actual vehicle or ship from a distance. If you view a 1/285th scale model on a table from 3' away, that is the equivalent of looking at an actual tank from almost 900'! All of the dust and water vapor in the air catches light and tones down what you are looking at. Without the slightly toned down colors, your models will appear too dark, and not realistic. These paints are a must for obtaining realistic results with Micro Armour® and Micronauts®.

Micro Armour® Camouflage Green $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR1

Micro Armour® Desert Yellow $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR2

Micro Armour® Camouflage Brown $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR3

Micro Armour® Charcoal Gray $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR4

Micro Armour® Olive Drab $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR5

Micro Armour® Khaki Drab $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR6

Micro Armour® Rust $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR7

Micro Armour® UK Sand Yellow $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR8

Micro Armour® Dark Green $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR9

Micro Armour® UK Smoke Gray $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR10

Micro Armour® Black $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR11

Micro Armour® White $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR12

Micro Armour® Gun Metal - Silver $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR13

Micro Armour® Panzer Gray $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR14

Micro Armour® Dark Brown $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR15

Micronaut® Haze Gray $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR16

Micronaut® Ocean Gray $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR17

Micronaut® Deck Blue $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR18

Micronaut® Deck Gray $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR19

Micronaut® Sea Blue $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR20

Micro Armour® Feldgrau $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR24

Micro Force 10mm® Skyblue Kersey $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR25

Micro Force 10mm® Flesh $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR26

Micro Force 10mm® Cavalry Yellow $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR27

Micro Force 10mm® Artillery Red $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR28

Micro Force 10mm® Metallic Gold $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR29

Micro Armour® Modern US Aircraft Green $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR30

Micro Armour® WWII Iti. Yellow Sand $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR31

Micro Armour® WWII Iti. Gray-Green $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR32

Roadmaster® Construction Yellow $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR33

Roadmaster® Farm Red $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR34

Roadmaster® Farm Green $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR35

Micro Armour® Aircraft Sky Blue $3.95
GHQ Stock # CLR36

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