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1/2-inch Hexes
GHQ Stock # TM1


Unpainted Terrain Maker« is a geomorphic wargaming terrain system based on double-density styrofoam hexes measuring four inches from side to side (Terrain Maker hexes are 4" from the middle of one side, through the center of the hex, to the middle of the opposite side.) Each kit contains hexes, tree material, and easy to follow instructions. The thickness of the hex determines the type of terrain it models.

Per pack: TM1 contains twenty-four (24) 1/2-inch thick hexes and enough tree material to make 16 trees.

This is the standard ground level Terrain Maker« hex. Use them to model roads, and all ground level terrain. Also used as bases for all elevation levels.

The photos above show terrain made with TM1. Vehicles/buildings sold seperately.

**Please note - Due to the high costs of shipping Terrain Maker« outside of the contiguous USA, the standard 20% of the merchandise total that we charge for international shipping is not sufficient. If you live outside of the contiguous USA and are interested in purchasing Terrain Maker«, please contact GHQ at and tell us where you live and how much Terrain Maker« you are interested in purchasing. We will then respond with an estimate for your shipping costs. Thank you.

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