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Website Specials: Military Models
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T-34/76 Model 1941 $11.95$7.64 On Sale!
GHQ Stock # R1

M 13/40 Medium Tank $11.95$7.64 On Sale!
GHQ Stock # IT1

M24 Chaffee $11.95$7.64 On Sale!
GHQ Stock # US34

GAZ 66 Portee ZU 23/2 $11.95$7.64 On Sale!
GHQ Stock # TW3

100mm Anti-Tank Gun - Former Warsaw Pack $11.95$7.64 On Sale!
GHQ Stock # W55

CA-33 Portland $11.95$7.64 On Sale!
GHQ Stock # USN68

CA Frobisher $11.95$7.64 On Sale!
GHQ Stock # UKN12

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