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CNR 8-Hatch Reefer Kits
GHQ Stock # ZM18



N-Scale (1/160th) Kit

Each kit includes materials for 3 cars:

• 3 x undecorated body shells

• 1 x brass photo etching with
roof walks, stirrups,
two types of brake wheels,
charcoal heater supports,
and tack boards (in case you want to change
the cast-on tack board locations)

• 3 x pewter under frames
(with a cast on charcoal
heater and brake details)

• 1 x custom decal set for four complete cars
(in steam-era schemes B and C)

Also required to complete the 3 cars, (but not included)
• 3 x pairs of Bettendorf trucks (Micro-Trains [MT]
#1000s, now #003 02 026 or Atlas 50-ton #22051)

• 6 x king pins (Atlas or MT)

• Tools: hand drill, #60 (0.040 in) drill bit,
#11 X-acto blade and holder, small pin,
Q-tips, a small dish for decal water,
Micro-Sol™, Dull Cote™, "super glue,"
and a small paint brush

• CNR #11 Gray and #11 Red paint (see Selecting “appropriate”
colors for painting for color and paint recommendations)

For the instructions, please refer to the posting on our N-Scale forum here:

Building Overhead Ice Bunker 8-Hatch Reefer Cars

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