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Illinois Central "Mainline of Mid-America" Hopper Decal Set
GHQ Stock # ZM2



N-Scale (1/160th) Kit

This waterslide decal set provides white reporting marks, data, and logos for decorating
(6) six unique, offset side hoppers (five 2-bay and one 3-bay hopper) in the Illinois
Central “Mainline of Mid-America” paint scheme as seen from the mid-1940s to mid-1960s.

If you model just about any steam-era railroad that used soft coal and connected
to the central US, your RR probably got coal from the Illinois basin coalfields and some
of it could have been delivered in IC hoppers.

Apply the decals to Micro-trains 55000-series 2-bay offset hoppers and MDC/Roundhouse
3-bay offset hoppers or similar cars painted light brown, oxide, or black depending
on your era. The data and markings are arranged so that you only need to place two
decals per car side (and one for each end) rather than placing the data, reporting numbers,
logo all separately. However, a number scramble is included so you can easily decorate
more than six unique cars with additional decal sets.

For instructions and more information, including paint schemes and the specific
cars in the decal set, please refer to the posting on our N-Scale forum here:

ZM-2 Illinios Central 2-Bay Hopper Decal

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