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Forum topics for new threads

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 3:10 pm    Post subject: Forum topics for new threads Reply with quote

Some of you may have seen that there are a couple threads that are about generating some more activity. We receive a lot of e-mails everyday, and many of those questions/comments are probably things that some of you may have been thinking about too. Here are a few of the things that we have received lately that are pretty recurring themes in e-mails, and would also make great forum topics:

- "Where/when are local gaming conventions?"

There are a lot of people who would like to go to conventions, meet others who share their interest, see how things work, etc., and It is often hard to find conventions. A lot of conventions are small, and maybe only have 100 people, but they are still a good place to connect with others. If there is a show coming up in your area, post something about it, put on a game at it (yes, GHQ does sponsor games that use our miniatures).

- "Here are some photos of my work/where can I see photos of models that other people have made?"

The "Show us yer stuff!" thread on our forum has almost 2,000,000 views- clearly people like showing off their work after they have put their time, blood, sweat, and tears into...and 2,000,000 people like seeing what others have done. Post some photos of your models, tell people that you like seeing their photos.

-"Here are some photos of my game/where can I see photos of games that other people have put on?"

See above. There is an almost infinite number of ways that you can put on a game- the rules that you use, the "house rules" that you add, the terrain that you use, the subject matter of the game, the play-by-play, the outcomes, etc. You can learn a lot by seeing/reading about the games that others have put on.

-"I'm into _______. What are some good books/website that I can look at?"

For most people this is a social hobby. Everyone likes to share what they have learned in the latest book that they have read, website that they have discovered, etc. Most people have a ton of great websites bookmarked that they use as references, and many have a large library of books that they use as references. There are new people coming into this hobby everyday. Don't take it for granted that everyone knows where to start, and where to take things after they have gotten into the hobby. You probably have some great websites bookmarked that even a lot of seasoned veterans don't know about.

-"I would really like to see you make _____. How do you decide what to make?"

Almost all of our new releases come from customer suggestions. We will start a new thread that is about the process, and how to submit suggestions to GHQ in the most effective way.

-"There aren't any stores in my area any longer that sell your products. What should I do?"

The retail landscape for wargaming has changed dramatically in the last 5, 10, 15 years. The days of most cities having a pretty good gaming store are well past us. Luckily there are still a lot of great stores, but not as many as there were years ago. We always say that if you have a good store near you, go support it. Stop in, buy some things, strike up conversations with people, play games there, put on games there (there is nothing that attracts new people to the hobby like seeing a well run game). One thing that GHQ does to support the stores is sending out all orders 100% filled. If a store doesn't have something/can't get it, they will lose the sale.

On a different note, because there are a lot of areas without gaming stores we have had people suggest to us that GHQ institute a new level of retailing that is like a multi-level marketing program where customers would be able to become an official GHQ representative who could put on games, take orders for GHQ products, and make money to finance their hobby. Obviously we haven't done this, but it's an interesting idea. What do you think about it?

-"Why aren't there more places online that I can buy your products?"

In the infancy of internet retailing GHQ had quite a few bad experiences with "online only" retailers.

-"Why are your models 1/285th scale?"

This is an interesting one, that we will start a new thread about.

-"Why aren't you on more social media?" "I hate Facebook, why are you on that?"

-"Can I submit Tac News articles?"

-"I have written a set of rules. Will you publish them?"

-"What rules should I use for _____?"

There are always a lot of opinions about the best set of rules to use for a particular subject. In addition, many people like to use their own "house rules" to correct perceived inadequacies. Let people know what rules you prefer, and why. What clever fixes have you come up with for different situations?

-"I can't find anyone in my area who plays wargames. What should I do?"

This is a great topic for a new thread.

These are just a few topics of the many e-mails that we receive, but we get these regularly. They are all topics that could provide an interesting discussion. Let's be honest, in the grand scheme of things, this is a niche hobby. It's a hobby that attracts a lot of people, but it can be intimidating to get going. Forums like ours are great places to welcome new people into the hobby, as well as being a great place for seasoned veterans to share their knowledge, and teach some old dogs new tricks.

Thanks for keeping the GHQ forum a useful, welcome, and friendly place!

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