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Issues with new Russian infantry packs

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 10:55 am    Post subject: Issues with new Russian infantry packs Reply with quote

Hi all,

This is more for GHQ but just wanted to talk about the new Russian infantry packs in general. First and most obvious is the detail. I wish my eyesight and painting skills could make the most of all the detail. I'll do my best but it won't look awesome. As with any new mold, it has some teething problems. The flash is almost negligible on most of the figures but is most evident on the long rifles and MANPADS. It's not too hard to remove though the ends of the rifles are pretty fiddly. A big problem is a small shift on the modern Russian infantry 2001-14. Again this is a new mold and may take some time to break in and produce better runs. The shift runs right along the helmets and backpacks. I didn't want to try to reduce mine as I'd probably snap off the soldiers at the ankles. I think a little paint will help cover up the shift though I may still try to file off the worst. In the cold war heavy weapons pack there is a large lump of flash on the helmet of the third rifleman from the left on each of their sprues. The biggest issue is with the modern Russian infantry heavy weapons 2001-14 pack. It comes with 6 soldiers with the Kornet launcher and 5 soldiers with the SA-23 launcher. The issue is that the sprue with the kornet and SA-23 tubes (yup, separate parts to glue on) has 7 kornet tubes and only 4 SA-23 tubes. I doubt at this scale that anyone will notice one of my SA-23 guys is going to be sporting a Kornet launcher on his shoulder but it's kind of a big miss. I look forward to painting these next week sometime and posting so you can see the results.


EDIT: I've got three men with a tripod mount of some sort that isn't shown in the photo of the Russian heavy weapons 2001-14. I'm now wondering if that is supposed to be the SA-23 in which case GHQ put one extra tube in the pack.

EDIT 2: I still think the five standing men on the sprue with the light MG are the SA-23 troops. I'm really not sure what the three men with the tripod mounts on the sprue with the laser designators are.
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