Why We Fight, Volume 2 - The Nazis Strike (VHS)




Frank Capra's classic documentary series!

A series of seven documentaries produced by the War Department exclusively for the armed forces. The office of War Information later released them to the American public. Many scenes were obtained from actual battle footage, captured enemy films, official United Nations films and American newsreels. All maps, diagrams, and a few historical reenactments were authenticated and prepared by the War Department. These films depict the events leading up to our entry into the war and the principles for which we fought.

"WHY WE FIGHT, Volume 2 - The Nazis Strike" - Hitler begins a campaign of world domination and "A new order for Europe," by invading Austria and Czechoslovakia. The German army marches against Poland on Sept. 1, 1939. The integrity of Poland was now threatened and the people of the free world had reason to fear.

On Sept. 3, 1939, within twenty four hours after the Germans had crossed the Polish border, France calle dup her reserves. Britain then declared war and commenced the bombing of German ships.

Hitler's belief that "Democracy has no convictions for which people would be willing to sacrifice their lives" was to be sorely tested in the months to come.

1943, B&W, 42 min.
Per pack: 1 VHS cassette

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