Why We Fight, Volume 3 - Divide & Conquer (VHS)




Frank Capra's classic documentary series!

A series of seven documentaries produced by the War Department exclusively for the armed forces. The office of War Information later released them to the American public. Many scenes were obtained from actual battle footage, captured enemy films, official United Nations films and American newsreels. All maps, diagrams, and a few historical reenactments were authenticated and prepared by the War Department. These films depict the events leading up to our entry into the war and the principles for which we fought.

"WHY WE FIGHT, Volume 3 - Divide & Conquer" - The Nazi Blitzkrieg has reached its highest point and Nazi treachery has sunk as low as it can go. The Nazi bid to smash the world into slavery was on. Hitler has already made great strides in his conquests of Europe. Austria, Czechoslovakia, Holland, and Poland have been lost... and the oncoming Russian army has been met. On Sept. 3, 1939, the British & French declared war on Germany. Russia defends the East, and France & Britain, the West.

Adolph Hitler, determined to avoid fighting on two fronts, stops his drive toward Russia and turns wetsward, concentrating his efforts against France and her Allies. Hitler succeeds in his effort to take France and so doing he forces the British troops to retreat to Dunkirk.

"Civilians and French troops... their faces distorted with terror, lay huddled in the ditches." - General Erwin Rommel, Seventh Panzer Division

This film was nominated for an Academy Award in 1943
1943, B&W, 57 min.
Per pack: 1 VHS cassette

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