Why We Fight, Volume 4 - Battle of Britain (VHS)




Frank Capra's classic documentary series!

A series of seven documentaries produced by the War Department exclusively for the armed forces. The office of War Information later released them to the American public. Many scenes were obtained from actual battle footage, captured enemy films, official United Nations films and American newsreels. All maps, diagrams, and a few historical reenactments were authenticated and prepared by the War Department. These films depict the events leading up to our entry into the war and the principles for which we fought.

"WHY WE FIGHT, Volume 4 - Battle of Britain " - France has fallen... The last desperate stand to defend France failed. The battered British army leaves their heavy weapons behind as they evacuate Dunkirk.

Hitler set his sights on England. The invasion plans call for total air supremacy. The British Royal Air Force were outnumbered 10 to 1 by the German Luftwaffe. Command of the air would allow the Germans to pulverize the coast with their dive bombers and establish beachheads with their paratroopers. The armored Panzer divisions would then be able to cross the channel under protective air cover. At this point, the fate of England would be sealed.

The Germans underestimated the courage and determination of the R.A.F. and the mighty Spitfire. Hitler's Luftwaffe was failing. In desperation, an enraged Hitler ordered the bombing of London, hoping to bring England to her knees. The British would not kneel. They saved their country, and won precious time for the world.
"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few." - Winston Churchill

Per pack: 1 B&W VHS cassette

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