Why We Fight, Volume 7 - War Comes to America (VHS)




Frank Capra's classic documentary series!
A series of seven documentaries produced by the War Department exclusively for the armed forces. The office of War Information later released them to the American public. Many scenes were obtained from actual battle footage, captured enemy films, official United Nations films and American newsreels. All maps, diagrams, and a few historical reenactments were authenticated and prepared by the War Department. These films depict the events leading up to our entry into the war and the principles for which we fought.

"WHY WE FIGHT, Volume 7 - War Comes to America" - In the jungle of New Guinea, on the barren shores of the Aleutians, in the tropic heat of the Pacific Islands, in the sub zero cold of the skies over Germany, in Burma, Iceland, the Phillipines, France, China & Italy, Americans were fighting in an area 7/8 of the way around the world. Men from every corner of America fighting for freedom for all mankind.

This video provides the viewer with an American history, telling the story of America's struggles for freedom and independence, from the first settlers through World War II. It shows us how the sweat and blood of the men and women from all nations built America from the ground up. It tells of our resolve to never fight another war, the steps we took to stay out of Europe and Asia's fight against the three aggressor countries, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. This is the day America delared war against Japan. World War II had begun.

1945, B&W, 65 min.
Per pack; 1 VHS cassette

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