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Micronauts�: The Game - WWII
GHQ Stock # MG9


Unpainted Game Scale: 1 ship = 1 ship, 1 inch = 1000 yds/meters, 1 tactical turn = 6 minutes

Take control of your favorite World War II fleet!
Engage in surface, submarine and air combat. These fast paced rules feature telescoping time scales,
from 1 hour "strategic turns" to 1 minute "impulses" during the crucial final seconds of air attacks.

Micronauts: The Game - WWII contains ship and aircraft data for US, British, Dutch, German,
Japanese, and Italian forces. Color game markers and combat table cards are also included.
Get started with 10 ready-to-play historical scenarios set in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific.
You can also design your own scenarios with the scenario generation system.

Go to the Free Rules page of our website to download the FREE Micronauts Game Bonus Supplement!
In addition to printable combat table cards, charts and templates, you will
also find expanded ship data cards and and a bonus Atlantic sea scenario!

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