Micro Squad: The Game - WWII, 2nd Ed. (hardcover)

WWII Other



GAME SCALE: 1 model = 1 vehicle or weapon,
1 inch = 25 yds/meters, 1 turn = 1 minute.

Designed for both the history buff and the 6mm wargamer.
Training, experience, and "cohesion" of players' forces are
important factors in deciding the outcome of each battle.
108 full color pages, hardcover.

This NEW expanded edition includes:
• 27 pages of weapons and aircraft data for
Finland, France, Germany, Hungary,
Italy, Japan, Poland, Romania,
the Soviet Union, UK, and US
• Full color game markers
• Quick reference Combat Table Card
• How-to guide for designing scenarios
•10 ready-to-play scenarios

Free WWII TO&Es available here:
WWII TO&Es for Micro Armour and Micro Squad

FREE complete and unabridged "Micro Squad, 2nd Edition"
bookmarked PDF in color or black/white
to download and print:
Micro Squad, 2nd Ed. on the Wargame Vault

Product Attributes

  • Era:WWII
  • Scale:Other

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