The Vietnam War - Supplement to Micro Armour®: The Game - Modern

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You've got Micro Armour®: THE GAME - MODERN.
You've studied the rules. You've played the scenarios, but you still want more...

Plunge into the middle of one of the most contoversial and compelling conflicts of our time
with supplementary rules designed by John Fernandes USMC (retired).

Find a passport to action in Vietnam with;

- Special rules for jungle & brown water warfare, man-traps and more.
- Riverine weapons and watercraft data.
- TO&Es for US, ARVN, NVA, and VC forces.
- 14 extensively researched scenarios for you to play.
(2 Riverine scenarios in 1:1 scale plus 12 more scenarios in 1:Platoon scale).

THE Vietnam WAR is an expansion rules book designed for use with
Micro Armour®: THE GAME - MODERN (MG4 $29.95), sold seperately.

Product Attributes

  • Country/Region:Vietnam
  • Scale:Other

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