1:285/6mm Scale- WWII Russia

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IT-28 Bridgelayer
1:285/6mm Scale IT-28 Bridgelayer
1:285/6mm Scale KV-1S
1:285/6mm Scale Yak-9T
WWII Russian Individual Heavy Weapons - Winter
Individual Russian Artillery Crews - SummerIndividual Russian Artillery Crews - Summer
1:285/6mm Scale BA-6
M1937 ML-20M1937 ML-20
1:285/6mm Scale M1937 ML-20
Russian Red Stars & Red/White Stars - WWII–Modern
1:285/6mm Scale Pe-2B
1:285/6mm Scale PG-117
Lavochkin La-5FNLavochkin La-5FN
1:285/6mm Scale Lavochkin La-5FN
Polikarpov I-153
1:285/6mm Scale Polikarpov I-153
MiG 3MiG 3
1:285/6mm Scale MiG 3
Tupolev SBTupolev SB
1:285/6mm Scale Tupolev SB
WWII Russian Rifle Company (Squad Stands)
Lavochkin La-5 RazorbackLavochkin La-5 Razorback
1:285/6mm Scale Lavochkin La-5 Razorback
Russian Red Stars & Red/Yellow Stars - WWII–Modern
Russian Armour Markings & Aircraft Arrows - WWII–Modern
Russian Armour Markings & Slogans - WWII–Postwar
ZiS-5 Transport / Bus
1:285/6mm Scale ZiS-5 Transport / Bus
BKA-1125 with T-34 TurretBKA-1125 with T-34 Turret
1:285/6mm Scale BKA-1125 with T-34 Turret
Russian Aircraft Numbers in Red, White - WWII–Modern

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