Modern Armoured Fighting Vehicles

Sample packs Modern 1:285/6mm Scale



Unpainted 1/285th Scale Micro Armour®

PER PACK: 6 modern ARVs (1 each of the ARVs/tanks pictured above.)

M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank
Arguably the finest main battle tank in the world, the Abrams entered US service in the early 1980s. Several major upgrades have occurred since then: the M1A2 version has 2 sets of infrared range finders and sights, allowing both the gunner and the commander to locate, then neutralize enemy targets using the 120mm main gun.

Powered by a 1500 horsepower Lycoming Textron gas-turbine engine coupled to an Allison hydrokinetic transmission, the Abrams has an operating range of 275 miles at up to 45 mph. "Chobam" armour enhances survivability on both hull and turret. Current up-grades should maintain the Abrams into the 2020s.

M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle
By 1994, the US Army procured 6,724 Bradley fighting vehicles, most for armoured infantry units, and the rest for cavalry reconnaissance. Each M2 carries a squad of infantrymen at speeds keeping up with M1 Abrams tanks. More than mere "battle taxis," these nimble vehicles provide both heavy support with their 25mm "Bushmaster" automatic cannon and heavy TOW missiles for anti-tank use. They also carry state-of-the-art command and control displays.

Leopard II A6
The A6 is the most modern development on the Leopard II tank, designed by Krauss-Maffei for the West German Army (Bundeswehr) in the 1970s. Over the years, other nations—Denmark, Canada, Greece, Spain and the Netherlands—have also purchased the Leopard II. They have been employed in combat operations in Kosovo, and currently in Afghanistan. The A6 version includes improvements in electronic warfare, armour, and carries a Rheinmetal 120 mm smoothbore cannon.

Challenger 2
The main battle tank of the British Army, the Challenger 2 is the latest development in Vickers Defense Systems line of tanks. They have been used operationally in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Iraq. It entered service in 1994, and mounts second generation "Chobam" armour, and is also armed with the industry standard 120mm smoothbore main gun.

Few iconic images more readily represent the Cold War than the T-55. Introduced in 1958, it was the mainstay of the Red Army—and all of the other militaries from the Warsaw Pact—well into the 1980s. Some remain in service today! This workhorse has been on many battlefields, from Israel to Iraq, western Africa to India. Characterized by the low-profile hull and round-domed turret, this medium tank packs a high-velocity 100mm gun.  If carrying external auxiliary fuel tanks, the operational range of the T-55A is 444 miles.

The world's first true Infantry Fighting Vehicle (rather than Armoured Personnel Carrier) was the BMP. It entered service with the Warsaw Pact in 1966 and first saw combat with Arab armies in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Based on those experiences, a second version (BMP-2) was developed. The BMP-3 is a substantial redesign, up-armed with a 100mm rifled gun and an AT-10 "Stabber" anti-tank wire guided missile (ATGM). This model represents the third generation, which is currently the standard infantry carrier for the Russian Army and has also been widely exported to non-Russian Federation armed forces including Greece, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Kuwait, and Venezuela.

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