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M5 Tractor with 155mm Howitzer
1:285/6mm Scale M5 Tractor with 155mm Howitzer
1:285/6mm Scale Kugelblitz
US WWII Aircraft Markings - P-38s, P-51s
US WWII Bomber Insignia - Star-bars
US WWII Naval Aircraft Codes, Markings
ZiS-5 Transport / Bus
1:285/6mm Scale ZiS-5 Transport / Bus
T17E2 AAT17E2 AA
1:285/6mm Scale T17E2 AA
1:285/6mm Scale BT-42
PaK 44 128mm - Towed w/PMPaK 44 128mm, Towed w/PM
1:285/6mm Scale PaK 44 128mm, Towed w/PM
150mm Mittlere EinheitsWaffenträger150mm Mittlere EinheitsWaffenträger
Jagdpanzer E-50Jagdpanzer E-50
1:285/6mm Scale Jagdpanzer E-50
BKA-1125 with T-34 TurretBKA-1125 with T-34 Turret
1:285/6mm Scale BKA-1125 with T-34 Turret
Malaxa Carrier
1:285/6mm Scale Malaxa Carrier
World War II Fighter Planes
Netherlands Aircraft Insignia - WWII–Modern
British WWII Roundels - SEAC & Pacific Fleet
British WWII Aircraft Lettering - med. gray, Sky Type S
Italian Infantry Company (Squad Stands)
British P51BBritish P51B
1:285/6mm Scale British P51B
SdKfz 253SdKfz 253
1:285/6mm Scale SdKfz 253
British WWII Aircraft Squadron Codes - Forces in N. Africa
SdKfz 251/C 17 2cm FLAK 38
1:285/6mm Scale SdKfz 251/C 17 2cm FLAK 38
Voroshilovets Tracked TruckVoroshilovets Tracked Truck
1:285/6mm Scale Voroshilovets Tracked Truck

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