To apply water-slide decals to a painted model:

You will need a small dish of water, a sharp hobby knife or scissors, tweezers, and a few small paintbrushes.

1. Be sure the surface is dry and grease-free.

2. Trim closely around the decal.

3. Holding decal with tweezers, place it face up in the water dish. Let it soak until the decal just begins to float off the backing paper.

4. Use tweezers to remove the decal from water and set on a clean surface.

5. Use one paintbrush to place just a few drops of water on the surface of the model.

6. Use tweezers to pick up the decal and lay it in place on the model. Press it gently with a dry brush and use the tweezers to carefully slide the paper from underneath the decal. Use the dry brush to wick up any excess water.

7. If wrinkles appear, use a very sharp hobby knife to make tiny cuts through the wrinkles to the edge of the decal. You then should be able to gently press it flat with a dry brush.

8. Gently roll your fingertip over the decal pressing down to allow air bubbles to escape.

9. After the placed decal is completely dry, apply a matte-finish protective spray.