A fine tipped airbrush is a great resource for Micro Armour® painting. Whether WWII Germans or British, or most modern armies, begin with a base coat of the lightest overall color. Apply stripes of the second color with the airbrush. Once all the hand painting is accomplished, use the airbrush to delicately "dust" for a most realistic look.

Modern Russian schemes have a base, over sprayed with "traditional" Russian Green. The tan went on first, then the green.
Charcoal Grey "squiggles" are then applied to simulate shadows. Use either a fine pointed brush, or a fine tipped black marking pen for these lines.
Add the usual details by hand: tracks, road wheels, cables, hand tools.... Then blackwash for depth and drybrush the highlights.
A very light tan was then dusted onto the 2S19 Mtsa-S. Airbrush the well thinned paint from above, then hit the front and rear deck a bit more aggressively.

This BMP-3 uses the same exact sequence. The base color, however, is a pale greenish turquoise rather than tan. It is designed for northern service, rather than on the steppes.