The vast majority of most boards are made of ½" thick hexes (TM1). They are used for fields, flat roads, townsites, woods and orchards. All you need are two cans of interior latex wall paint: one a light tan color, and one medium green. The tan paint is the "dirt" and the glue to hold the grass in place. For grass, use a moss green colored sawdust. To make different fields, substitute ground foam (such as Woodland Scenics) for the grass. Roads can be tan (dirt) or a grey (paved). In either case, allow the road to dry before continuing.

Rural roads have ditches. Following the instructions in each TM1 pack, draw pattern with a pencil and then "dig" ditches with a hobby knife.
Paint roads and ditches with the light tan latex paint. Allow it to dry. Areas treated this way will have no grass cover. Paint sides of hex green.
In TM, tan paint is used as the adhesive for the grass. Paint the rest of the hex top liberally, and while the paint is still wet…
…sprinkle with green sawdust or ground foam. Allow to dry. Use white glue and ground foam for bushes, especially in the ditches.
Finished flatland hexes: roads and fields, all done using these simple techniques. Tree material is included in every TM pack.