Standard TM hills are made using 1" hexes (TM3), but steep hills use 1½" hexes (TM4). Gentle, rolling terrain is made using ½" (TM1) hexes. In each case, after cutting the hex into two slope pieces, the slopes are glued to a base ½" hex. There are 3 different cuts possible (all illustrated in the instructions with each pack of TM3 and TM4), which produce 5 different geo-morphic slope shapes. By rearranging these, an infinite set of hill patterns can be achieved. Since they are separate hexes, they can be repositioned into a new board for the next gaming scenario.

Use a coping saw to bisect each hex, following the instructions provided in each pack. Any errors can be glued back together with white glue!
These two slopes are the result of the cut in step #1. For rock outcrops, gouge the face of the slope with your thumbnail.
Each slope is glued to a ½" hex (TM1). This raises the base of the slope to the same height as the surrounding flatlands. Finish as shown above.
This ridgeline is only a quarter of the hill hexes made from one pack of TM3 hill hexes, mounted on TM1 base hexes.
For more gentle rises, substitute ½" hexes for the slopes. This finished hex is an example. Note the bushes: dots of white glue patted with ground foam.