Another TM advantage is the introduction of a 4" hex pattern on the tabletop. This can greatly speed and simplify game mechanics. If you are a naval gamer, consider creating a set of these beautiful ocean ¼" (TM2) hexes. After mastering the basic "deep water" hex, try painting shoals, sandbars and reefs after the Flexpaste has dried, using tan or turquoise latex paint. Feather the edges with the deep blue. Once dry, wash some deep blue over the shallows. Then gloss coat as shown. Your captains now have some obstacles to contend with while battling on the high seas.

Apply a coat of Woodland Scenics-brand Flexpaste to the entire surface of the ¼" hex. Tap the surface to raise wave peaks with your fingertip.
After the Flexpaste has dried thoroughly, paint the tops and sides with deep blue interior latex wall paint. Again, allow to dry.
Add random foam and wave tops by drybrushing bright white hobby paint.
Coat the top of the hexes with acrylic gloss medium, available in any craft or art supply store. Though it looks white, it drys clear and shiny!
This Royal Navy squadron is mounted on metal bases finished in the same way. The final effect is much more impressive than a blue cloth ocean!