Merchant Aircraft Carrier (oil tanker)

WWII United Kingdom 1:2400 Scale Aircraft Carriers Merchant



Unpainted 1/2400th Scale WWII Micronaut® Kits

Per pack: 1
Between 1943–May 1944, 13 tankers were converted to Merchant Aircraft Carriers, the last two serving with the Dutch Navy. A complement of 3 Swordfish were carried; all maintenance being done on the flight deck, as no elevator or hangar facilities were installed. The MAC ships were used for convoy escort duty, aircraft ferries, and as an oiler for escort vessels. Post-war, all were returned to their original configurations and entered civilian service.

Product Attributes

  • Era:WWII
  • Country/Region:United Kingdom
  • Scale:1:2400 Scale
  • Ship Type:Aircraft Carriers
  • Ship Type:Merchant

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