Micro Armour: The Game - WWII, 2nd Ed. (softcover)

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Here's THE GAME for WWII Micro Armour!

GAME SCALE: 1 sq. inch vehicle or infantry stand = 1 platoon;
1 inch of terrain = 100 yds/m; 1 game turn = 3 minutes battle time

TYPICAL GAME: 12 to 15 turns; 2' x 4' tabletop for 2 players;
2-3 hours playtime.
"Micro Armour®: the Game - WWII" is more than a set of
miniatures rules
for simulating tactical armored warfare in the mid-20th century, it's a
research engine that allows you to experiment with the technology,
tactics, and doctrine of all the important players in the real world.

This is a system designed with the history enthusiast as well as the game
player in mind. The rules are concise, easy to learn and fun to play.

This revised, full-color edition includes in-depth rules and examples
covering ground combat, air strikes, movement, terrain and more.
Pit your force's training, experience, and "cohesion"
against your opponent's in historical and "what-if" battles!

136 full color pages, softcover

This NEW edition includes:
• 28 pages of revised and expanded weapons
data for Belgium, Finland, France, Germany,
Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, Romania,
Soviet Union, UK & US
• Expanded aircraft data for France, Germany,
Italy, Japan, Poland, Soviet Union, UK & US
• 8 ready-to-play scenarios
• Combat charts and tables
• Instructions for designing scenarios
• New full color game markers

FREE downloadable unabridged PDF books
in color and black/white coming soon!

Free WWII TO&Es available here:
WWII TO&Es for Micro Armour and Micro Squad

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  • Era:WWII
  • Scale:Other

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