Micronaut® Sea Blue




Each bottle holds 1 oz. of water soluble acrylic paint. 

(Please note that the color "chips" are approximations of the actual colors.) 

Per Pack: 1

People always ask us how we get such realistic results on our display models. For years we had to greatly tone down the colors that we bought to paint all of our displays, and those that you see here on our website.  These paints that we offer are all specially formulated for use with GHQ models. They all have been toned down slightly to simulate the water vapor, dust, etc. that is present in the atmosphere when viewing an actual vehicle or ship from a distance. If you view a 1/285th scale model on a table from 3' away, that is the equivalent of looking at an actual tank from almost 900'! All of the dust and water vapor in the air catches light and tones down what you are looking at. Without the slightly toned down colors, your models will appear too dark, and not realistic. These paints are a must for obtaining realistic results with Micro Armour and Micronauts. 

Each country designs their schemes using their own unique browns, khakis, greens, grays, etc.  There are literally hundreds of different shades of each of these colors that are used in military camouflage.  It would be impossible to offer a unique color for each of them.  All of the top painters mix their own colors when they paint a unit.  We offer these paints as a base to mix the perfect colors for your miniatures.  Feel free to add more white, more brown, more black, more green...whatever it takes to get that perfect shade that you are looking for!

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