RM-70/85 MLR

SKU: N659
Artillery: self-propelled Rockets Modern Czech Republic Finland Greece North Korea Poland Ukraine 1:285/6mm Scale



Unpainted 1/285th Scale Micro Armour®

Per pack: 3
Czech multiple rocket launcher introduced in 1972 based on the Tatra 813 8x8 heavy truck with an armoured cab for crew protection. The armament consists of the forty-tube 122mm BM-21 rocket system and also carries a complete set of reload missiles. The RM-70 remains in service with over 20 countries, including Angola, Cambodia, Finland, Greece, Libya, and Poland.

Product Attributes

  • Equipment Type:Artillery: self-propelled
  • Equipment Type:Rockets
  • Era:Modern
  • Country/Region:Czech Republic
  • Country/Region:Finland
  • Country/Region:Greece
  • Country/Region:North Korea
  • Country/Region:Poland
  • Country/Region:Ukraine
  • Scale:1:285/6mm Scale

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