Two Siege Artillery Guns (USA & CSA)

Artillery Howitzer American Civil War Confederate Army Union Army 1:160/10mm/N-Scale



Unpainted Micro Force 10mm® American Civil War
N-Scale Miniatures

Per pack: 2
Along with carriages, wheels, balls, ramrod/stands for 2 guns,
this pack includes a barrel assortment to choose from: 24-pdr gun barrels; 8" Howitzer barrels; 4.5" ordnance rifle barrels; and 30-pdr Parrott rifle barrels. (Crews sold separately)

Product Attributes

  • Equipment Type:Artillery
  • Equipment Type:Howitzer
  • Era:American Civil War
  • Country/Region:Confederate Army
  • Country/Region:Union Army
  • Scale:1:160/10mm/N-Scale

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