VTT 323 w/122mm ATG

Anti-tank weapons: self-propelled Artillery: self-propelled Modern North Korea 1:285/6mm Scale



Unpainted 1/285th Scale Micro Armour®

Per pack: 5
Conversion of the VTT-323 APC, itself a modified copy of the Chinese Type 63 APC. The rear troop compartment has been modified to accommodate a Soviet-era D-30 122mm gun/howitzer in an open-topped armoured gun platform. This configuration allows the system to be used in either an artillery or anti-tank role.

Product Attributes

  • Equipment Type:Anti-tank weapons: self-propelled
  • Equipment Type:Artillery: self-propelled
  • Era:Modern
  • Country/Region:North Korea
  • Scale:1:285/6mm Scale

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