World War II Fighter Planes




Unpainted 1/285th Scale Micro Armour®

One each of three popular fighter planes from WWII!

North American Aviation P51B Mustang - Originally ordered for use with the RAF as a long range escort fighter, it only took 117 days to go from conception to the test flight of the first P-51. Once paired with the Merlin engine, Mustangs served across the theatres where US planes fought, most renowned for escorting missions from England to Berlin and beyond, and then returning to base. Most were armed with 8 x 50 caliber machineguns. The last P-51s were built in the late 1960s as two-seater forward air control craft.

Supermarine Spitfire V - One of the most famous and storied single-seat fighters in world history, the first 'mark' of Spitfire was ordered for service with the Royal Air Force in 1936. By war's end 20,334 Spitfires served against the Axis powers. An additional 2556 modified 'Seafires' went with the Royal Navy as carrier-based fighters. This model shows the Mark V, the primary fighter version used during the 'Battle of Britain' period of the war. Nearly 6500 Mark V's were built.

Fock Wulf 190 - When the FW-190 first appeared in service in 1941, it out performed every plane in the Allied arsenal. It was faster, more agile, better armed and armoured than any of its opponents. As the war progressed, everything about the plane was upgraded: more guns, better protection and faster performance. Over 40 different production versions served as fighters, dive bombers, ground attack planes, even bombers! 20,051 FW-190s were built for the German Luftwaffe, and an additional 64 by SNCASO in France.

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